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5 Things to Do Before Your Home Window Replacement


Starting a large renovation project on your home can be intimidating.  Where to begin?  How to plan for it? How much will it cost?  These are all valid questions that can run through a homeowners mind when considering taking on this challenge.  At Custom Installations, we know how nerve-wrecking the process can be.  Below are some easy ways to start planning your window replacement project today.


1. Budget the Expense Completing a home window replacement can be a big expense ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.  To begin preparing for this type of project, create a budget.  Your contractor should be able to assist in the process.  You also want to determine how you will finance it whether it is with cash on hand or a home equity line of credit.  Keep in mind that many homeowners are able to recoup much of their remodeling cost in increased property value when they go to sell.  A quality window replacement can offer anywhere from a 60-75% return in value.

2. Choose the Right Replacements When selecting replacement windows for the home, you want to make the right choice for your unique needs.  What type of material do you want the frames constructed of wood, vinyl, etc.?  Also do you want double-hung, double-pane, snap-out mullions?  Costs vary so determining what features are important to you is critical.

3. Hire a Professional Contractor To ensure your home window replacement project is done right make sure to always use an experienced, licensed contractor.  A local professional such as Custom Installations is the best choice for any size exterior remodel.  Take time to interview potential prospects, gather quotes, and review their past work to make an informed decision.

At Custom Installations, we take pride in being one of Evanstons leading exterior contractors.  We have helped countless homeowners in the North Shore area revitalize their home with quality installation and remodeling services.  Not only do we carry the best brands in window replacements such as Pella and Sunrise, but also ensure each unit is installed to the highest standards of craftsmanship.  Let us help you update your home with new energy-efficient windows.


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