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Exterior Doors: Choosing what is Best for your Home?


Exterior doors can bring a warm and inviting appeal to guests and visitors of the homeowners.  But sometimes when doors are often used or age in the home, they can squeak, creak, and bang.  Also, old exterior doors can have gaps causing cold draughts, become stuck as your home settles, and have small windows allowing small amounts of natural light into your home.  Exterior doors are normally divided into two categories: panel and molded doors.  Utilizing an excellent contractor to assess and choose the right door for your ho

me will continue to provide a warm and inviting presence while maintaining the curb appeal in any neighborhood.

Panel Doors

Many exterior panel doors are hardwood, which help keep out sound, draughts, and provide safety for you.

Molded Composite Doorsr family.  Panel doors can range from six wood panel to 15 glazed wood panel consisting of vertical and horizontal styles. Finally, panel doors can come with glass already fitted into the door or glass panels can be added to the door to provide a lighter, easy handling door for fitting and installation. The desired style is up to the homeowner to ensure that their door is providing adequate natural light to the interior of home, as well as, provide the safety and security for the entire family.

Molded composite doors are standard doors that are shaped and made of sheet wood, PVC, or fiberboard, which is then bonded to the timber frame.  The more classic design door is designed with molded panels and comes in a variety of styles and colors.  Molded composite doors are light weight for easy installation, and will add character to the home for those that are on a small or strict budget. 

When choosing your next exterior door replacement for your home, look to Custom Installations as your contracting team of installers.  They will make sure you have the right door, install it properly, and ensure the beauty and character of your home that will last a lifetime.  

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