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Home Improvement for Beginners: Top 3 Areas to Focus On – Part 2: Siding Replacement


Replacing you home’s old siding is one of the easiest ways to enhance its curb appeal. Brand new siding can transform your home’s appearance and give it new life. Who wouldn’t want their home’s overall appearance to change from boring and outdated to modern and full of character?


Changing your siding isn’t just a good thing in terms of your home’s aesthetics, though. It also helps protect your home from water damage caused by storms and snow. What’s more, a wide range of siding options bring improved insulation to boost energy efficiency as well.

Trying to decide between repairing or completely replacing your current siding? Here are five signs that’ll tell you if you’d be better off investing in an upgrade:

  • Warping or rotting – Indicates that the underlayer of your siding has deteriorated to such an extent that it’s now too weak to protect against moisture and similar damage. Consider upgrading your siding right away.
  • Holes – When your siding starts to show even the smallest of holes, it’s a cause for concern. Holes indicate that unwanted insects may have breached your exterior, leaving your home susceptible to the unnecessary intrusion of water and the escape of heat from indoors. Siding replacement is your best option.
  • High energy bills – If you’re seeing high cooling and/or heating bills in your home, the likely culprits are inefficient roofing and attic damage. If during inspection, however, your roofing and attic seem fine, then its very likely that your siding’s to blame for the excessive energy use. Installing new siding in place of the old can help increase your home’s overall thermal performance.

Ideal Siding Materials

If you’re a new homeowner looking to upgrade your home’s siding, don’t overcomplicate things. Start by first identifying your needs. What are your reasons for choosing to install new siding in place of the existing? Pinpointing the specific characteristics you’re looking for can help you break down your material choices–if you’re looking for superior durability, for instance, among your top choices are, quite possibly, cedar and fiber cement. For siding that is easy to maintain, go for vinyl. Want to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Your best option is metal siding.

Before coming up with a decision, however,  it’s imperative to consult an expert siding contractor first. They will inspect your home and offer recommendations that will surely suit your unique needs.


New windows and doors can boost not just your home’s beauty, but its comfort and functionality as well. Watch out for the last part of this three-part blog series to learn about window and door replacement.

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