Part 3: Window and Door Replacement

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Home Improvement for Beginners: Top 3 Areas to Focus On – Part 3: Window and Door Replacement


Window and door replacement are two of the best upgrade projects you can invest in for your home. When tackling this project, though, it’s essential to know what, exactly, you’re getting out of the products you plan to use for your upgrade; you also need to appreciate the importance of professional installation.


There are very few projects homeowners can tackle that won’t only meet their needs but actually add value to their home. Window and door replacement not only adds value, it allows homeowners to recover a considerable portion of their investment outlay. In recent reports, windows and doors have been shown to yield up to 74% and 91% return on investment at resale value, respectively. Here’s a list of the unique benefits homeowners often enjoy by investing in window and door replacement, including:

  • A reduction in energy costs of up to 25%
  • A significant reduction in noise with the installation of new insulation frames and a low-e glass package
  • A high level of comfort without the excessive heat transfer typically experienced with old windows and doors
  • High-quality low-maintenance materials
  • A fresher, more stylish look both from the outside and inside
  • Fewer to zero condensation issues
  • Improved security and safety features
  • Extensive material and workmanship warranties

What It Means to Hire Certified Contractors

When it comes to window and door replacement, your top priority–aside from choosing the right materials–is hiring a professional installer. One common mistake most homeowners make is to hire an amateur installer or even perform the installation on their own. This should never be the case– the efficiency of your new units will to a large extent depend on the quality of installation. This means that even if you purchase the best and most expensive replacement windows and doors, they can fail to deliver the performance you expect when installed improperly.

Factory-certified contractors are your best bet if you’re planning to install new windows and doors. They can help you maximize the features of your new units by performing custom measurements and by following a systematic process. You can expect them to be highly skilled and knowledgeable, thanks to their years of continuous factory training. By working with a certified window and door contractor, you can rest easy knowing your project is in good hands.


Performing improvements on your home for the first time can be rather daunting. With the safety of your family and the overall condition of your home at stake, making the right decisions can be crucial. No need to worry, though. To make the most of your investment, plan and prepare for your project with the help of a trusted home improvement contractor. Talk to an expert today to learn about your best home improvement options.

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