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How Well-Built Windows Keep Your Utility Costs Down


When undergoing a large home renovation there are many factors to consider. Budget concerns, longevity of chosen materials, and a home’s unique needs must all be taken into consideration. A window installation project is no exception. Many homeowners find themselves making tough decisions on both the type and brand of window to use. They recognize the value of a better-built window but are unsure on whether it fits within their budget. The good news is you don’t have to trade quality for price. While the upfront purchase costs of a premium brand window may be higher, homeowners can enjoy long-term savings with lowered utility costs.

Here are some ways a well-built window can keep your utility costs down:

  • Quality windows often come custom-fitted for each opening offering a tight fit with less draft.
  • Advancements in glass technology means greater choices in windows that better filter UV rays and solar heat.
  • Double-pane and triple-pane glass options lead to better energy efficiency.
  • Well-built windows often have lower U-values and U-factors, both important indicators of greater insulating properties.
  • Premium materials choices such as fiberglass offer optimum insulation against heat and cold.
  • Residential energy efficiency tax credit.

As a leading Chicago window company, Custom Installations has helped countless clients achieve a more energy-efficient home with their window installation. We have partnered with the most well-known brands in the window industry including Pella, Simonton and Marvin. We are also proud to be a hand-selected window contractor for the Beechworth brand windows. Beechworth Windows features one of the industry’s only fiberglass replacement windows with a real wood interior. If you want to achieve beautiful, lasting results while lowering utility costs, contact Custom Installations today to schedule an in-home estimate by one of expert window installers.

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