How Much Do Poorly Operating Windows Really Cost a Homeowner in the Chicago Area?

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How Much Do Poorly Operating Windows Really Cost a Homeowner in the Chicago Area?


Every Chicago home has one thing in common – windows.  Whether it was built in 1910 or 2010, any home can experience problems with poorly operating windows. While decreased energy efficiency can directly lead to higher utility costs, there are many more intangible “costs” to faulty or broken-down windows.

Here are some ways poorly operating windows can really cost a homeowner in the Chicago area.

Higher Utility Costs                                                                                                                       

The most obvious problem with inoperable windows is that they are inefficient at conserving energy.  When they don’t close tightly or have gaps around their frames, both cooled and warmed air are allowed to escape.  These cause your furnace and air conditioner to run longer and harder to control the indoor temperature of your Chicago home.

Wear & Tear on Heating and Cooling Systems                                                                                                

Speaking of air conditioners and furnaces, poorly operating windows can also cause extreme wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems.  When these appliances have to overcompensate for the insufficient air temperature control, they can quickly become overworked.  This leads to earlier replacement costs down the road.

Increased Safety Concerns                                                                                                                                               

As the crime statistics in the Chicago area continue to tick upwards keeping your home safe and secure is more important than ever before.  Your windows are one of your best lines of defense against those with criminal motives.  Broken latches and worn locks can make your Chicago home a bigger target for unwanted intruders.

When it comes to your Chicago home’s window system don’t settle for less than what your family deserves.  Replace those poorly operating windows with new energy-efficient units that not only protect your air quality but also your property.

To reduce the harmful effects of poor windows, contact the team at Custom Installations to schedule your in-home consultation.  We can help you find the windows right for your Chicago home and budget.  From double-hung to single pane and more, we have styles and options to fit each unique property.

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