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New Approaches to the Standard Entry Door


One aspect of the homes exterior that can make the biggest impact is the front entry door.  Homeowners are always on the hunt for ways to make their unit not only look great but also blend with the rest of the home.  If you are looking for a way to add some style to the homes exterior, you may want to consider a door re-do following some of the newest trends hitting the home industry.


At Custom Installations, we want to help you keep your front entry looking great.   Here are some entry door trends to watch for:


Bold Colors

This biggest trend sure to follow us into 2016 is the colorful front door.  Whether it is a bright yellow or rustic orange, bold colors are a great way to add some drama and style to the front of the home.  Many homeowners are opting to paint their existing door for a quick update to the exterior.


Blend of Glass & Wood

Combining the beauty of wood with the elegance of glass is another hot trend for the entry way.  Doors that are all glass with wood surroundings are becoming increasingly popular.  Another popular trend is choosing door options with glass paired with wood whether it is full-glass, half-glass or even oval.


Unique Appeal

Having an entry that is unique and custom is also a big trend to watch for.   Opting for distinctive fixtures is one way to help the home stand out.  Contractors are also using custom molding and stone surrounding to create a unique look for new constructions.

When making changes to your entry door it is also important to carefully weigh your own personal style with what is appealing to potential homebuyers.  Find the balance between your own likes and what will help sell it in the future.  Like any exterior renovation, trust your next entry door remodel to a professional contracting firm like Custom Installations.  We will install your door properly so that it not only looks great but also is securely in place.  Our team can also help design and construct custom surroundings to accentuate your new door.  Contact us today to learn more.

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