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How Old Windows Could Be Draining Your Pocketbook


Windows is one of the basic things every home has in common. Whether you live in a historic Victorian mansion or a small country cottage, we all have windows. Windows offer many benefits that most homeowners would not want to miss out on. They offer a view to the beauty outside. They often can be opened and closed to allow cool breezes and warm air in. They provide protection from the outside elements keeping the home comfortable and cozy. But windows can also be a costly burden as they age. In fact, old windows can be one of the biggest drains on a homeowner’s pocketbook.

As windows age they expand and contract. They may even begin to warp. This leaves room for gaps to form between the windows and the framing. While these gaps may seem small and harmless, they lead to one big problem – higher energy costs. Put quite simply, old windows are inefficient at controlling the temperature within the home. They allow air to flow in and out freely. The precious dollars spent cooling or heating the air is wasted and you are left with a home that is less comfortable than it should be.

Not only do worn windows affect the energy efficiency within the home, they also lead to a host of other costly problems. Some become so warped that they allow water to enter the home. This can lead to mold and mildew growth in the area. Water penetration can also lead to the dry rot and structural damage around the framing. These are all pricey damages that put your home and family at risk.

The only way to stop old windows from taking a drain on your pocketbook is to replace them. Each dollar spent on new units will allow you save money down the road in saved energy costs. Modern fiberglass or wood windows offer exceptional performance while also providing much-needed protection from the outside elements. You will find that new windows will not only save you money but can also create a more enjoyable living space.

To start saving money rather than throwing it out the window, consider hiring the team at Custom Installations for a complete window replacement. We have partnered with the brand leaders in the industry to offer our clients the best models on the market today. Our team will ensure each one of your openings not only looks great but also provides the energy efficiency savings you are looking for. Schedule a visit with one of our team members today to get your project started with Chicago’s leading exterior contracting team – Custom Installations.

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