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Why Property Managers Should Inspect Roofs & Windows Regularly


There are few projects more difficult for a property manager to undertake than exterior repairs and replacement. Two of the biggest factors which play a part in the exterior are the roofs and windows. Both play a vital role in protecting both the exterior and interior of the homes within the community. When they begin to deteriorate, problems can arise diminishing the comfort of those who live there. Regularly inspecting the roofs and windows can help to avoid these common troubles down the road.

Why should property managers inspect their roofs and windows regularly? One of the most important reasons is because regular inspections prevent costly damage from occurring. When roofing and window problems are allowed to fester, they can lead to many serious complications. From a drafty living room and leaky basement to a cracked foundation, these troubles can cost thousands of dollars to remedy not to mention the headache of getting them fixed.

Another reason why property managers should keep a close eye on the roofing and windows is because damage is often hard to detect. Small repairs can go hidden for years only becoming noticeable when they begin causing larger, more complicated problems. Keeping a watchful eye for those telltale signs of minor issues can help managers be proactive in their maintenance approach.

Consistently inspecting the roofs and windows also protects the value of the properties managed. When buildings become rundown and unkempt, their attractiveness falters. Property managers can protect the investment by ensuring the major components of the exterior, the windows and roofing system, not only function well but also look great.

If you are a property manager in need of a roof and windows inspection, contact the team at Custom Installations for help. We offer large properties throughout the North Shore area thorough and professional exterior inspections.

Don’t let small damages lead to costly repairs. Schedule an appointment with Custom Installations today. Contact us to learn more about our residential and commercial services.

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