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Protecting Your Homes Exterior during Extreme Weather


Did you know that Illinois averages 58 tornadoes each year?  According to the NOAA/National Weather Service, Illinois ranked in the top 10 states from 1995 2014 for average annual number of tornadoes*.  The months of April, May, and June continue to be the peak periods for the increased storm activity.  While there is little time for much preparation right before a storm hits, there are some steps homeowners can take to better protect their home from tornadoes and other extreme weather. 



Impact-resistant window systems offer the best defense against strong winds and extreme weather.  When replacing older windows, you may want to consider this option.  Those not using these specialized materials should ensure that any new units are installed properly and fit securely on the home.


Patio Doors

Patio doors and sliding doors constructed of glass are easily damaged during periods of high winds.  When replacing, consider using impact-resistant doors constructed of laminated glass, a glass/plastic combination material, or plastic glazing.


Garage Doors

Because of their construction and size, garage doors are highly susceptible to greater damage than others parts of the homes exterior.  Ensure that both the door and track are constructed of strong materials and installed according to the manufacturers instructions.


Entry Doors

Entry doors should have a minimum of three hinges as well as a deadbolt with a bolt at least one inch long.  All doors should be securely anchored to their frame.


If your home experiences storm damage, it is important to hire a reputable, experienced professional for the repair work.  Be leery of fly-by-the-night repair companies.  These firms travel from city to city as storms hit.  While some may be honest and forthright, others are unlicensed and fail to complete the work once paid.  Homeowners are best to hire local contractors with a proven track record of satisfied customers such as Custom Installations.  We have been offering quality exterior remodeling and repair services to the residents living in the North Shore area since 1969.


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*NOAA/National Weather Services Annual Averages: Tornado By State

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