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Tips on Maintaining Vinyl Windows and Doors


Properly caring for your vinyl windows and doors can save you both time and money.  Vinyl windows and doors that are properly maintained will not only last longer but are also more efficient at preventing drafts and controlling air flow. 

 Below are three easy ways for you to maintain your vinyl windows and doors.  

 Inspection & Cleaning
The best place to begin is to properly clean your windows and doors.  This should be completed annually along with a thorough inspection.  It is important to use only non-abrasive cleaners.  Also try to apply as little solution as needed to complete the job.

Old weather-stripping can harden, crack, and flake apart.  Without proper weather-stripping on both the interior and exterior of the windows during the winter, warm air is allowed to escape out of the home.  Likewise during the warmer months, cooler air can seep through the faulty weather-stripping.  It is critical to replace weather-stripping that is torn, missing, cracked, brittle, discolored, gummy, or has no bounce back. 

 A Clear Weep System
Exterior weep systems often experience a build-up of dirt and debris.  This build-up can lead to moisture being trapped inside the window sill.  To eliminate this problem make sure to inspect the weep system clearing it of any debris.  Vacuuming out loosened caulk, debris from the outdoors, and masonry or stucco products can help keep the area free from blockages.

There are many simple and cost effective methods to preserving your vinyl doors and windows.  By completing simple routine maintenance such as cleaning and inspecting the areas, replacing worn weather-stripping, and clearing debris from the weep system, you can ensure your homes vinyl doors and windows are both energy-efficient and sure to last for years to come.   When the time does come to replace them, contact the experts at Custom Installations.  We offer quality door and window replacements along with roofing and siding services.

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