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Window Replacement: Why Hiring a Professional Makes Sense


Window replacement is no small chore. In fact, it can be one of the most extensive exterior projects a homeowner can undertake. Many see the vast amount of off-the-rack windows at their local home improvement store and think the job should be easy to do. They couldnt be further from the truth. While some homeowners may be able to get by on their own, the truth is window replacement is often a complicated process that is best handled by a professional with experience in the trade. Partnering with a trusted contractor to complete the work is the best way to guarantee a quality installation sure to last for years to come.

Replacements Are Hard To Find                

One popular misconception is that the windows at the local hardware store are a suitable replacement option. These windows are typically intended for new construction only. If you decide to use them for replacements, you may be forced to also complete a large amount of structural rebuilding around the window costing you both time and money. When planning the project, it is important to use windows manufactured specifically for replacement. These types of windows are often more difficult for homeowners to purchase on their own. While they can be found in some local stores, they often have to be pre-ordered and may include only a limited selection to choose from. Online retailers are another option but high shipping costs become a big roadblock. Professional installers will often carry the widest selection of replacement windows from well-known manufacturers in the industry.

Peripheral Work

While the process of sliding a window into an opening may seem straightforward, homeowners are often unaware of all the peripheral work that needs to be completed as well. This mainly refers to exterior cladding that is important for creating a tight seal and uniform look to the windows. Often constructed of aluminum, cladding must be formed and fitted using specialized tools. It is also a trickier material to work with requiring a learning curve to become proficient in its proper installation. Most professionals are familiar with this process.

Knowledge Saves Time

Hiring a knowledgeable professional with expertise in the trade can save you time while ensuring a proper fit of the new windows. Carrying with them years of experience, they can work efficiently on the job site installing each window to specification. This especially rings true when replacing metal or wood windows as they require more skill to complete.

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