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Window Screens: The Basics & Beyond


We often forget how important the windows screen mesh is until its ripping and tearing out of the frame. Not only is the screen helpful at keeping bugs and insects out of the home, it also allows air to flow throughout the living space.  While the world of window screening is often broken down into 2 simple categories: material and color, it goes far beyond that. More than ever before, homeowners have options that are not only functional but also further enhance the comfort of their homes environment. Whether you are doing a complete window replacement or simply need to fix a few snagged screens, taking time to learn more about the screen options available can be beneficial in selecting one fit for your homes needs.


Aluminum vs. Fiberglass:
While much has changed in the window industry in recent years, the main materials used in the construction of windows screens has remained consistent. Aluminum and fiberglass remain the two main options available in the market today; each coming with their own set of pros and cons. While aluminum is long-lasting and durable, it can also scratch and dent easily while also being expensive.  Fiberglass is less costly and more flexible but can fade quickly and be more prone to tears and snags. Both can typically be found in standard color options: black, charcoal, silver (aluminum), and gray (fiberglass).

Fiberglass Options:
Fiberglass offers the most choices when it comes to specialty window screens.  Some manufacturers even offer their own screen mesh such as Pellas In-View. The company boasts that this high-transparency upgrade allows in 14% more light while providing 8% more airflow when compared to their traditional fiberglass screen. Here are some other specialty screen mesh options available in the market today:
Pet-Resistant Screening, Solar Screening, High Transparency & Visibility Screening, and Retractable Screens.

Providing comprehensive new and replacement window services, Custom Installations is one of the leading exterior contractors in the Chicago area.  We proudly offer the best window brands in the industry including Pella, Marvin, Sunrise, and Simonton. Contact us today for a quote on your next window replacement project.
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