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Thanks for considering us for your cedar roofing project.  When installed with good quality cedar, the proper accessories & the best installation practices, cedar roofs can beautify and protect your home for decades to come.

Cedar Roof Installation Services

Unfortunately, not all cedar roof installations are the same.  We have had many calls over the years from people wondering why their cedar shingles are buckling, curling, splitting, warping and cracking in just a few short years.

So how do you maximize the life span of your cedar roof?  Below are some items that you should understand and consider when comparing different proposals.  Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll not only ensure that your roof will perform over time but you will decrease ongoing maintenance costs while adding a decade or more on it’s serviceable life cycle.

And if you are interested in having the look of cedar without all of the maintenance, be sure to ask us about the eco-friendly synthetic cedar shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

  1. Certified Cedar From The Cedar Bureau – There are a lot of different grades of wood on the market that have different edge grain, thicknesses, and widths.  The Cedar Bureau is a non-profit organization that sets the standards for the cedar mills.  Protect yourself by insisting that your cedar has been certified by the Cedar Bureau.
  2. Wood Species – There is a lot of information to digest when considering a new wood roof. One of the more important items is the species of the wood.  Different woods have different characteristics that will play a large role in maximizing the durability while dramatically changing the appearance of your home.
  3. Skip Sheathing System – Installing a traditional skip sheathing system beneath the cedar shingles is a tried and true practice that has been used for nearly 200 years. This system allows the roof to breathe keeping the shingles and plywood underneath dry.
  4. Stainless Steel Nails – Many contractors try to reduce their costs by using steel nails or coated steel nails during installation. Since wood shingles are often wet, these nails are quick to rust and corrode.  We highly recommend using stainless steels so that your nails don’t wear out before your roof does.
  5. Proper Ventilation – Every roof needs proper ventilation. Allowing air to circulate through, roof ventilation keeps the area dry and reduces that accumulation of moisture.  Make sure you get a proper inspection of your attic space to insure you have the correct amount of intake and exhaust so that your roof can breathe.
  6. Wood Thickness – There are different cuts of shingles (perfections, tapersawns, mediums, heavies, etc) and there are different thicknesses available for each of the different cuts.  For instance a standard perfection shingle is only 3/8″ thick, which in our opinion is too small and will not last more than 15 years.  Be sure to check on the different thickness options and ensure that you aren’t just paying for a cheaper shingle.
  7. Gapping of Shingles – When installing cedar shingles, it is important that they are gapped at the vertical joints with at least ¼” – ⅜” space on either side of the shingle. This not only allows each piece to breath but also gives it room to expand when wet. Not allowing for proper gapping will shorten the life of the roof.

A Trusted Chicagoland Cedar Roofing Company

Choosing the right contractor for your roof installation can be just as important as the material itself.  At Custom Installations, we take the health of your wood roof seriously. Using proven best practices, we promise to treat your installation with the care and time needed for a quality finish. Protect your investment by choosing the contractor with your best interest in mind – Custom Installations.


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  • Your workers are well trained, detail oriented, and were very conscientious of my landscaping. Thanks for a job well done. Brian Williams, Lake Bluff, IL

    Great service from Custom Installations. Great Job!
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