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Everything You Need to Know About Snow Guards


Snow brackets. Snow shields. Snow brakes. These are all names for what is commonly known in the roof industry as snow guards. As roofing contractors begin to learn more about how structures respond to heavy amounts of snow, they are increasingly becoming aware of the important role these devices can play in helping homeowners prevent snow avalanches and more. Snow guards are quickly becoming popular roofing fixtures for homeowners looking to lessen the damaging effects of heavy snow accumulation.

What are Snow Guards?
A snow guard is a device typically installed on a roof to avert snow and ice from falling off one side of the roof to another. They are often used to prevent snow avalanches. They vary in size, shape, and overall function. Snow guards are typically constructed of polycarbonate and/or metals.

What’s the history behind Snow Guards?
The use of snow guards is not just a modern fad. Its origins actually date back over 300 years ago from various parts of the world. In fact, historic Scandinavian homes installed logs or bricks on the rooftops to keep snow on the roof as added insulation.

How do Snow Guards work?
Snow guards are often triangular or rectangular in shape. They are installed in a specific pattern on the roof to match the unique shape, size, and pitch of the it. Their quantity is also dependent on these factors. They help prevent the falling of large amounts of snow and assist in evenly distributing the weight of both snow and ice on the roof’s surface.

Before winter returns, consider protecting your Northbrook home by installing new snow guards. The team at Custom Installations can help you with the process. Since 1969, we have been assisting our Northbrook neighbors with all of the roofing and siding needs. Contact us today to learn about our many residential contracting services.

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