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It all started in 1964 when firefighter Leroy (Bud) Woodruff began learning the sheet metal trade while working with Sweets Sheet Metal company in the Chicago North Shore town of Wilmette, Illinois. In 1969, while still employed full time at the Winnetka Fire Department, he took his passion further and began a small ...


The Functions of Fascia Boards and Soffits

Fascia boards and soffits provide a finishing look to your roof. Fascia boards represent the overhangs attached to the rafter tails, while soffits are the flat panels covering the bottom of the protruding frames. They usually match the color of the siding or the trim, helping to round out the home-exterior design.


Why Fall Is the Best Time for Roof Inspection

When you’re planning your next roof inspection, you usually push it until the next time the weather is better. However, fall is upon us and  experts in roofing services consider this is to be the best season to check on your roof. Here are some reasons behind this:

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