Make Sure Your Gutters are in Working Order Before the Dead of Winter

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Why You Should Make Sure Your Gutters are in Working Order Before the Dead of Winter


We often think of our gutters during the fall season diligently cleaning out the falling leaves and debris.  But winter is just as an important season to consider the state of your gutter system.  Before winter hits it’s critical to ensure that your home’s gutters are in proper working order.

During winter, clogged or broken gutters can lead to many problems around the home.  This includes leaks, ice damming, slippery sidewalks and more.  And there is no worse of a time to deal with exterior home damages than when it’s below freezing.

Here are some reasons why you should check your gutters now before Old Man Winter arrives:

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Ice Damming & Buildup

When melted snow is unable to safely drain out of the system buildup begins to occur.  This buildup than exacerbates any existing problems further reducing the ability for the system to flush out excess runoff.  The water can then leak over the edge causing icicles to form.

Ice damming occurs when snow builds up on the roof.  When melting begins, it then flows to the gutters.  With the right temperatures, this water can refreeze in the gutter system creating a dam.  When the snow and ice does begin to melt again it can sneak under shingles and more.  A clear gutter system helps reduce your risk of both buildup and ice damming.

Loose or Broken Gutters Can’t Handle Heavy Snow Loads

Gutters which are loose or missing brackets can weaken the system.  The system is then less able to withstand heavy loads of snow.  This can lead to sagging gutters or, worse yet, ones that fall completely off.  Before winter arrives, you always want to check your gutter brackets and the gutters themselves to ensure they are securely attached to the home.

Holes or Buildup Lead to Slippery Sidewalks

One of the most dangerous aspects of winter is slippery sidewalks and driveways.  Rusted holes in the gutters or buildup that causes water to flow over the side can both lead to drips onto your exterior’s hardscapes.  When the temperature hits below 32°, this excess runoff can freeze leading to dangerously slick surfaces.  Always check for holes, seam leaks and clogs before the snow hits.

At Custom Installations, we are here to help with all of your gutter needs.  From complete installations to small repairs or inspections, our expert crew members offer Chicago area homeowners and businesses the best in care when it comes to the upkeep of their exteriors.  Contact our team today to schedule your gutter cleaning or repair before winter hits the Midwest.

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