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Roof Decking: 3 Types to Consider


A new homeowner must consider two things when buying a home: the foundation and the roof.  While having a solid foundation for your home is vital, having a properly installed roof deck to keep the wind, rain, and snow out of your home can be just as important.  There are three types of roof decks to consider when building, remodeling, or repairing your new or used home: orientated strand board, plywood, and concrete.

Oriented Strand Board

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) has been one of the most common roof deck types since the late 1970s.  As of 2006, nearly 60% of all new homes used the material for their roof deck.  OSB is created with intertwining wood strands bonded together by a waterproof resin providing optimal waterproof and moisture resistance.  The general cost of using OSB for your roof deck is less expensive than regular plywood.  One common issue of OSB is that the material is susceptible to trapping in and storing moisture.  If there is an area of the roof where water can get to the roof deck, such as a loose or damage shingle, moisture can penetrate the space causing mold and rotting.  This damage could lead to large repair and replacement costs for the homeowner. 


Plywood is another popular choice for roof deck construction.  Because plywood is made with many sheets of interwoven wood, it provides a thickness to a roof deck reducing swelling, shrinking, and warping over time.  Also, because plywood is dense, moisture is not allowed to soak into the wood causing rotting or damage to your home.   Compared to OSB, plywood is just as strong and durable, but is less susceptible to rot and water build up.


Typically seen in larger commercial buildings, concrete is increasingly becoming popular for roof decking construction.  It is often used in green buildings as an environmentally-friendly alternative to OSB and plywood.  When considering concrete, homeowners must properly set the foundation and framing and ensure that their home is strong enough to handle the additional weight of the concrete.

When selecting the right roof deck for your home, consult a professional roofer such as Custom Installations. We have expertise in building sound roofing structures that will last for years to come.  Protecting your investment, we can also ensure that you have the right roof deck installed for your climatic area and desired roofing material.

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