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Why Roof Flashing Matters


The roof of a residential home serves one major purpose — to be a barrier against the weather outside.  One of the most essential aspects of the roof is its flashing.  Roof flashing is the first line of defense preventing damaging water from entering the home during times of inclement weather.  It is vital that homeowners understand what flashing is and how it works as well as the importance of its proper installation.


What is Flashing?  Flashing is a thin layer of sheet metal , typically aluminum or galvanized steel , which is placed over joints in the roof to prevent water from seeping into the house and causing damage.  Roof flashing is commonly used around skylights, chimneys, and vent stacks.


How does Flashing work?  Roof flashing is a very simple and intuitively-engineered building material.  If installed correctly, gravity works with the flashing to shed water onto the regular roofing materials where it is then directed harmlessly to the ground.  In order for roof flashing to be effective, it must be durable, low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and able to expand and contract during changes in hot and cold temperatures.


How is Flashing best installed?  Flashing is best installed by a professional with experience in the trade.  Expert roofers will cut, shape, and custom-fit the flashing material to ensure a proper seal is formed.  This tight seal prevents failure caused by heavy snow, high winds, or excessive heat.


When hiring a contractor for the installation of your roof flashing, dont trust just anyone.  Partner with a professional firm such as Custom Installations to ensure your system will stand the test of time.  Our  expert contractors will ensure that all roof flashing, roof deck, and shingling is installed properly saving you time and money.

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