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2 Siding Options that Won’t Look Right on a Chicago Home


We all want our homes exterior to look great and siding can be a big part of that. When choosing new siding for your home, there are many things to consider such as cost, color and material. While there are many factors that play into which material you choose, the region and climate in which you live needs to be one of them. For those that live in climates that experience long, cold winters and warm, hot summers such as those in the Midwest, selecting the right materials (and staying away from the wrong ones) for your home’s exterior becomes increasingly important. Not only do you want your home to fit into the neighborhood, you want the materials you choose to be able to withstand the harsh environment.

Here are 2 siding options Chicago homeowners should stay away from:

  • Stucco – Although popular in the Southwest, stucco tends to be used less on homes in the Midwest. Its breathability makes it a perfect option for those living in moisture-rich climates but may stand out in a more mature, traditional Chicago neighborhood.
  • Aluminum – Unless you prefer the industrial look, aluminum may not be the right choice of siding material for your Chicago home. Aluminum was very popular in the 1960’s but then saw a drop when vinyl hit the market. This material is slowly being discontinued by many manufacturers making future replacements and repairs more difficult. Aluminum also cracks and dents easily making it bad choice for the hail storms that frequent our area.

If you are considering a siding replacement for your Chicago home, enlist the help of the area’s most trusted contractor – Custom Installations. We are the expert siding team homeowners throughout the area rely on for all of their exterior repairs and installations. Let us help you find the right siding material for your Chicago home. Whether you prefer vinyl or something a little more unusual, we are ready to help with all of your siding needs.

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