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3 Eco-Friendly Renovation Projects


Todays homeowners are feeling more pressure in the pocketbook due to rising fuel and energy costs causing many to look for alternative ways to save money.   One popular approach for cutting household expense is by crafting a more eco-friendly home. As an added bonus, these renovations can also offer a unique opportunity to help the environment.  Below are three steps homeowners can take to make their home eco-friendly. 


– Control the Air Flow Drafts around the windows and doors can waste a tremendous amount of energy.  The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy estimates that roughly 20% of the energy sed to heat and cool the home sneaks out through windows and doors.  Repairing these leaks can be done with a simple sealant or caulk.  However, older homes with windows and doors aged beyond repair could greatly benefit from a complete replacement exchanging the old units for more energy efficient ones.  These new windows and doors are able to form a tighter seal around the frame preventing the air from entering or escaping the home.  


– Reflective Insulation If your home get too hot during the summer months, reflective insulation is an eco-friendly alternative used to reduce the amount of heat inside lowering your overall cooling costs.  Reflective insulation is designed to control solar radiation which passes through your roof and walls to heat the air inside your home.  The thin reflective insulating material bounces solar energy away from the interior causing the home to heat slower and allowing the air conditioner to run less frequently.


– Cedar Siding Cedar is a great eco-friendly choice of siding for use on the home.  It is a low maintenance, durable material that can last for several years and rarely needs any painting, repairs, or replacement.  Using less material creates less waste and allows more trees and forests to grow naturally over time.  It also saves the homeowner the cost of frequent replacement.


Looking to make your home energy efficient and eco-friendly?  Contact the expert contractors at Custom Installations to conduct an assessment of your home.  We have knowledge and experience in exterior renovations and repairs from doors and windows to roofs and siding and much more.  Let Custom Installations make your home comfortable while keeping more money in your pocketbook.


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