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4 Budget-Friendly Summer Projects


Not only is summer a great time to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm weather, it also provides the opportunity to give our homes exterior some much-needed TLC.  The repairs we put off during the cold winter months can finally be tackled.  If you are looking for simple ways to update your propertys exterior, here a 4 budget-friendly summer projects great for any home.

1. Front Door Replacement The front door is an important focal point of the homes front exterior and can be an easy way to add color and personality to an often neutral palette.  Consider replacing the door with a new model in a fresh hue or with a decorative glass accent.

2. Update the Windows If replacing the homes siding or roof seems like too much of an undertaking updating the windows can be a more budget-friendly alternative.  Leading to reduced energy costs, this renovation can offer a great return on investment while enhancing the homes overall appearance.

3. Install Gutter Guards When growing tired of cleaning clogged gutters, many turn to installing gutter guards. This durable yet low-cost solution provides homeowners peace of mind while saving them valuable time unclogging their system. Gutter guards are also a great way to add value to the home.

4. Adding a Rain Barrel Environmentally-friendly and easy to use, adding a rain barrel can be a great summer project for homeowners looking to take advantage of Mother Natures own natural resource, rain water.  It can also help keep the water bill low.  If the standard blue barrel isnt your style there are many updated models to choose from that seamlessly blend into any homes exterior.

Whether you are looking for a minor repair or a complete renovation, Custom Installations offers services for projects both large and small.  From roof replacements to gutter cleaning, we help our customers with all of their exterior needs. Contact us today to schedule your renovation or repair before summer is over and winter is here once again.

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