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4 Home Improvements You Should Take Care of this Summer


Warm breezes and sunny skies…. Summer is considered by most to be the most wonderful season of the year. While sandy beaches and backyard BBQ’s may be on your mind so should the health of your home. Summer can be a great time to take care of your much-needed home improvement needs. Here are four repairs that are best completed during these sunny days.

Siding Replacement – One of the biggest aspects contributing to a home’s attractiveness is its siding. When it becomes faded and worn the home begins to lose its appeal too. The property becomes more vulnerable to the elements as its “shell”, the siding, becomes less and less effective. This summer replace the shabby siding on your home to have it ready for those harsh winter months.

Roof Repairs – Faulty roofing can be devastating to a home. Large leaks, increased energy costs and exposure to the outside elements can all wreak havoc on the home when even minor roof damages are not addressed. Blue skies and the seasonal temperatures allow professional roofing companies such as Custom Installations work quickly and efficiently to repair or replace your home’s roof.

Window Replacement – The mild weather of summer makes it great time to replace worn and dated windows. Cool drafts come quickly when autumn hits especially for those with drafty windows and doors. Consider replacing your old units with the new vinyl 8000 series from Climate Solutions, one of Custom Installations’ most popular brands.

Gutter Repairs – Did you know that a damaged gutter system can lead to ice dams, leaks into the home and foundation problems? If you are noticing bent gutters or constant water drainage in all the wrong places, it is important to have your gutter system inspected. This easy repair can save you thousands of dollars in future damage costs.

Put the warm summer months to good use by completing one or more of these necessary tasks. Making the effort now will prevent larger damages saving you money and time down the road. For the right contracting partner for your Chicago home consider Custom Installations. We are a full-service exterior contracting firm specializing in buildings of all sizes, shapes and styles. We help homeowners throughout the Chicagoland maintain beautiful properties that not only look great from the outside but also offer the protection your home needs. Contact us today to schedule your summer repair project.

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