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4 Tips for Skylight Maintenance


A skylight can be a wonderful way to let more light into the house while adding warmth to dark spaces throughout the interior.  Like most other features of the home though skylights need regular maintenance to function properly while also extending the life of the unit.  Follow these four tips to keep the natural light shining through these beautiful architectural features.

Regular Inspections 

An annual inspection is important to maintaining a worry-free skylight that will last and can easily be tied into a roof inspection or chimney cleaning.  The professional contractor will not only complete basic maintenance tasks like cleaning the glass but also check for signs of deterioration or other issues that may be occurring.

Leaky Skylights

A leaky skylight is not only irritating but could also be a sign of larger roof issues.  If you are experiencing drips into the home, a certified professional should be hired to check both the roof and skylight unit. Leaks can be caused by a number of problems including excessive condensation, deteriorating roof shingles, and faulty flashing.  If the skylight opens, the repairman will often first check that the unit is completely closed and then look for fractures within the weather sealing.  

Cracks & Breaks

Falling debris and extreme weather conditions can lead to cracks or breaks in the skylights glass. Going beyond the cosmetic, these damages can make the skylight more prone to glass failure as well as cause drips into the home.  While some smaller cracks can be repaired, other larger fractures may require replacement of the glass window pane or the installation of a completely new unit.

Flashing Repair

Improper installation and deterioration of the skylights flashing can both lead to bigger issues within the home including troublesome leaks and condensation. It is important to have the flashing in proper working order at all times.  Flashing should be checked regularly during the inspection process and replaced when necessary to maintain a healthy skylight structure.

When working with damaged or leaky skylights, it is important to enlist a trusted partner to help with the repairs.   An experienced contractor such as Custom Installations can not only keep your skylight in working order but also address any other exterior issues your home may be experiencing.  As a leading Chicago remodeling company, we can assist you with all or your renovation or repair needs.

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