5 Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Siding & Shingle Repairs

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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Siding & Shingle Repairs


For many homeowners, siding and shingles are simply means of improving curb appeal. For this reason, if shingles or siding become damaged during a storm, homeowners often believe they can put the repairs off, at least temporarily. Unfortunately, this can be disastrous. Here are five reasons why siding and shingle repairs should be handled immediately.

#1 – Damaged Siding & Shingles Decrease Your Property Value

If you have been thinking of selling your home for any reason, you should never put off siding and shingle repairs. After all, potential buyers look at many different factors before they buy homes, and the condition of the roof is usually at the top of the list. Roof replacement and repair can be expensive, and for this reason, it is vital that you take the time to maintain it properly. If you notice shingle or siding damage, address it promptly to avoid further damage and improve your home’s property value.

#2 – Waiting Makes Things Worse

Assume for a moment that a gust of wind during a storm took a couple shingles off your roof or pulled loose a piece of siding. You may think it’s no big deal and you will simply repair it when you get around to it or when it fits your budget a little better. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental. The longer shingles or pieces of siding are missing, the more moisture damage you can expect. If left too long, this moisture can enter the walls of your home and cause rot, mold, or mildew. Replacing a few shingles or a piece of siding may cost a few hundred dollars but replacing an entire wall or section of your roof damaged by moisture can cost a few thousand, instead.

#3 – Your Insurance Policy Might Not Cover It if You Wait

When your siding or shingles are damaged, you might find yourself wrestling with the idea of contacting your insurance company. After all, filing a claim might increase your premium, and you certainly do not want that. However, if you wait too long to file that claim – for example, if you wait until moisture damage has occurred – then the adjuster sent to your home to assess the damage will be able to tell that the damage has existed for quite some time. In this case, the repairs may not be covered at all, and you will end up paying more out of pocket.

#4 – Siding & Shingles in Good Repair Can Help You Breathe Easier

In the Chicagoland area (and most of the Midwest), the air is quite humid during the summer months. If you put off repairing your shingles or your siding, this moisture can easily penetrate through barriers and reach places it should not. Then, you might find you have mold growing in your ceilings and along exterior walls. This mold – especially black mold – can be dangerous for anyone, but especially for those who have preexisting respiratory conditions. What’s more, mold removal is incredibly costly, and homes that are especially moldy can be condemned.

#5 – Prompt Repairs Can Help You Avoid Roof Replacement

Believe it or not, a single missing or damaged shingle can lead to drastic problems. As moisture continues to seep into the roof and into your attic, the damage only gets worse. Depending on the size of your home and its architecture, a full roof replacement could cost anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 with the national average topping out at just over $7200. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners must replace their roofs each year due to what started as a simple and inexpensive repair.

Though you may think it best to put off repairs for shingles and siding, especially if you are on a tight budget, this often leads to catastrophic damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair or reverse. No matter how insignificant the damage might seem, you should contact a contractor promptly to assess the scope of the damage and repair it as quickly as possible.


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