Asphalt Shingle Damage: Some Common Misconceptions

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Asphalt Shingle Damage: Some Common Misconceptions


Asphalt shingle roofing covers a good majority of American homes. Its popularity, though, hasn’t made it impervious to misconceptions. In fact, many unfounded myths have plagued it over the years. It’s time to set the record straight. Custom Installations Inc., your roofing services expert, presents the facts behind the myths about wind damage on asphalt shingles.

Wind Damage is 100% Invisible

Strong winds create air pressures on and under asphalt shingles. This pressure can lift the shingles off their factory-applied adhesive. After that, they become creased, cracked, or much worse, carried away. It’s difficult to see right away, but these damages can be seen through the eyes of a skilled professional.

Winds Are the Main Cause of “Lifted” Shingles

It’s true that winds can cause individual tabs to lose adhesion. Nonetheless, the many other causes of blown-off shingles are not wind-related. Among them are poor product quality and inadequate maintenance. Be certain wind damage is the cause before planning out a suitable solution. You may also consider metal roofing from Custom Installations Inc. that withstands wind damage better.

Surviving Shingles Are Safe From Wind Damage

Strong winds often leave many of your asphalt shingles looking intact. It’s easy to think that these “survivors” would not need emergency roof repairs. Wrong. Ensure the strength and durability of your entire roof. Have professionals conduct a thorough roof inspection to determine its real condition.

Aging Asphalt Shingles

Some deficiencies are inherent with aging asphalt shingles. These include blistering, flaking, cupping, clawing, and general granule loss. These anomalies are often not discovered until after storm winds. It doesn’t mean, though, that they were due to the storm.

Custom Installations, Inc. is not only a siding contractor. We also provide storm damage repair to asphalt shingle roofs. As a certified roofing contractor, we deliver the quality craftsmanship your home deserves. We ensure that every roof repair we do follows the highest in industry standards. We are the preferred roofing partner for homeowners in Glenview, IL. Call us today at (847) 979-5522 to discuss your roofing needs.

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