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Cashing In: How Roofing and Siding Can Reduce Your Utility Bills


No matter what you do the utility bill is one of those expenses that will always be there. There is simply no way to dodge paying the electric company each and every month. That’s why it’s important for budget-conscience homeowners to find new ways to reduce their monthly costs. Many think to turn off the lights and lower the thermostat, but did you know that the building materials you choose can also help lighten the burden? In fact, there are many ways your roofing and siding choices can help reduce your utility bills.

There are many roofing options that can have a positive impact on your utility costs. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by ensuring your roof is properly insulated. The right amount of insulation will keep the heated or cooled air inside the home and prevent it from escaping through the top (where heat likes to rise!). Another way to keep your heating and cooling costs down is by choosing Energy-Star rated roofing materials. Roofing manufacturers are meeting the demand of the consumer and beginning to offer “cool” roofing systems. A ballasted roof system can also be a good option for those looking to reduce their air conditioning cooling bill.

Your siding materials can also present another opportunity to reduce energy costs. Choosing an insulated vinyl siding is a great place to start. Although the initial investment may be higher than regular siding opting for an energy-efficient insulated product will allow you to quickly recoup your costs. Foam insulation can also be used behind aluminum, vinyl and steel.
Just like roofing, there are also many siding choices that have the Energy-Star label. Your exterior contracting partner can help you find the right one for your specific property.

At Custom Installations, our goal is to always find the products perfect for each of our customers and their unique homes. Whether you are looking to create a more energy-efficient home and reduce your utility costs or simply want to update the existing roofing and siding, we are here to meet your needs.

We work with many of the most popular manufacturers ensuring our customers have access to the newest and most innovative products on the market today. When it comes time to install, you can be confident that any work done by Custom Installations is built to last. Our commitment to excellence is what makes us Chicago’s leading exterior installation contractor.

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