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Cedar Siding: Maintenance, Repairs, & Alternatives


Along with aluminum and vinyl, cedar is one of the most popular materials available for the exterior of the home. Its natural beauty and durability has made it a mainstay in the world of siding. Whether you have an existing structure with cedar siding or are building a new home, taking time to learn more about the basics of cedar maintenance, repairs, and even some alternatives will help you decide if you should stay with this popular material or go another route.


Cedar siding is now easier to maintain than ever before. While in the past cedar siding required frequent staining and upkeep, todays options now often feature a 2-coat stained finish along with a robust warranty. One of the most common complaints homeowners have about cedar siding is its tendency to look worn. Moisture and UV rays both play a part in causing sun-damaged, unattractive boards.  A few basic maintenance tasks will help retain its beauty and delay the signs of aging. For example, sun-damaged wood fibers can be gently removed using a wood cleaner along with a nylon scrub brush in the area effected.  

Although cedar is considered one of the most robust, weather-resistant woods available for exterior siding, it is still prone to deterioration over time. While some minor repairs can be completed by a novice, others will require the expertise of a professional. Small cracks or holes in the cedar can easily be filled using exterior wood putty. Curling or peeled boards are often beyond the point of repair and will need to be removed. Hire a professional to install replacement boards in the areas affected.

If you like the look of cedar but would prefer a realistic-looking alternative there are some great products on the market. One of the most preferred options is the large selection of engineered wood options available. Most have a fairly realistic, wood-like appearance and are moisture resistant.  Recently the industry has also seen the popularity of fiber-cement siding rise. This material holds paint well and is virtually maintenance-free.

As a leading exterior remodeling contractor in the Chicagoland area, Custom Installations provides quality siding renovations and repairs. Our knowledgeable team has experience working with every siding material available from cedar to vinyl to steel. Whether you are undergoing a complete renovation or need a small repair job, we are here to help.

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