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Choosing the Right Shutters for Your Home


Shutters are one of the most under-appreciated aspects of the homes exterior.  In fact, many homeowners forget all about them until they begin sagging off the home or fading from the sun.  Rather than taking for granted these common fixtures, homeowners should utilize their shutters to add greater beauty and appeal to their home.  Follow the steps below to choose the right shutter replacements for your property’s exterior.


When beginning the process of choosing replacement shutters start by considering what type of material you want them constructed of.  Wood and vinyl are two popular options.  You also want to consider the style of the shutter.  Shutters come in more styles than you may think from board to batten to louvre.  Some have cutouts while others utilize a tilt rod to open and close the slats.  The color of the replacements is also important.  Most designers would suggest a darker color than the siding to accent the area and add to the homes visual appeal.  Lastly homeowners must consider the angles of the shutters.  Homes with arched or other different shaped windows need to take special care in selecting units that mirror whats already in place.


When installing the shutters, make sure the contractor spaces them appropriately from the window itself.  If at all possible, they should be placed on the window casing and not to the side of the unit.  They need to be correctly sized for the window not too large and not too small.   Although it seems minor, an inappropriately sized shutter can throw the entire look of the home off.  Installers should also consider the hardware they are using.  Beautiful hardware can offer a custom design look and feel.


For those with historic homes extra care must be taken in choosing shutters that will not only add beauty to the exterior but also stay true to the style and design of the home.  If the original shutters are still in place, your best bet is to restore and use them if at all possible.  Work with your contractor to repair and refinish them back to their original glory.  If the originals have already been switched try finding a similar replacement.  There are manufacturers that offer historically accurate shutters.

When replacing your homes shutters it is important to work closely with your contractor for the best results. They can help you choose the style, size, and colors right for your home while also ensuring they are installed correctly for lasting results. At Custom Installations, we specialize in creating custom designs for our customers home exterior needs.  We offer siding and shutter replacements as well as historical home renovations.  With over 40 years of experience, Custom Installations can offer the commitment to excellence you are looking for in a residential contracting partner.


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