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Roof Flashing Repair

Does Your Flashing Need Repair? 3 Signs to Watch For


Chimneys can add warmth and beauty to the exterior and interior of any home.  A wood-burning chimney can also save a homeowner on heating costs during those long, colder winters.  But, just like a home, chimneys will age and weather over time.  How do you know when it is time to repair or replace your chimney flashing?

Here are three signs to watch for:

Water collecting in the firebox

Over time flashing will weather throughout the year. As the flashing begins to crack or wear, water will begin to seep inside the home.  When moisture stains are beginning to form around the chimney and continue to spread, you should suspect that there is a crack near the area around the flashing. This crack will need to be filled to prevent further damage.


Water collecting in the firebox
Another sign that the flashing needs to be repaired is when water is collecting around the firebox when it rains.  As water pools on the roof near the base of the chimney, it can enter the home through damaged shingles, roof, or flashing causing it to collect in the firebox.  If water is noticed in the fire box during small to moderate rain showers, the flashing needs to be inspected for needed repairs. 


Water in the basement near the heater vents
Water can also sneak into the basement without the homeowner noticing water spots near the chimney walls or collecting in the firebox.  When there is severe damage to the flashing, water can go from the roof straight down to the basement through the heating vents near the chimney.  In many circumstances the homeowner may not even know that water is collecting in the basement causing interior damage such as mold and mildew. 


When chimney flashing repair or replacement is necessary, contact our expert staff at Custom Installations.  We have the ability to fabricate just about anything in our custom sheet metal shop. We also have extensive knowledge and experience working with many types of metal including sheet, galvanized, and copper.  Whether you need a simple repair or a complete fabrication of your chimney flashing, our team of expert contractors can help.

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