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Five Things to Research Before Hiring a Lake Forest Siding Company


Before beginning any major home renovation, it is always smart to find the right contracting partner for the work. For those in Lake Forest, hiring the best siding company for the job is where any successful project begins.

But how do you choose the right Lake Forest siding company for your unique needs? Start by doing your homework. Researching some basics before you sign the contract can mean the difference between a beautiful home you can be proud of and one that only looks so-so.

Here are five things to research before hiring a Lake Forest siding company:

1. Compare Quotes Fairly – One of the biggest mistakes Lake Forest homeowners make is comparing quotes based on price alone. You should consider each aspect of the various quotes received ensuring you are comparing apples to apples. Quotes should be detailed, unique to your home, and offer concrete information you can understand.

2. View Past Projects Completed – If possibly, you should view the contractor’s past work by visiting completed projects similar to your own. Take time to check out new renovations as well as those finished several years ago. Their current condition can offer helpful insight into the integrity of the siding company’s craftsmanship.

3. Check Online Review Sites – The internet can provide a wealth of information on the Lake Forest siding company best suited for your needs. Sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List can provide useful information on how each contractor ranks among their peers. Even better, Angie’s List is now free for everyone to use.

4. Consider Their Additional Services – Siding installations often require more than just siding. They may also include window replacement, gutter work, or other exterior repairs. The job runs more smoothly when you only have one contractor to coordinate with. An exterior contracting company such as Custom Installations can handle all these services offering greater value than one that just does siding alone.

5. Seek Out Local-Based Providers – For the most part, hiring only locally-based siding companies is always the best option. They are more committed to the community in which they work in and will be there should problems arise with your siding down the road. They also have a better knowledge-base on how to handle the home types unique to the Lake Forest area.

At Custom Installations, we take pride in being the Lake Forest area’s leading siding company. For nearly 50 years, we have been providing local homeowners the quality installations they have come to expect in their contracting partner. From new construction to historical renovations, we can handle any project and ensure you receive the lasting, beautiful results you are looking for.

To get your Lake Forest siding installation project started on the right track, contact the team at Custom Installations today.

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