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Why Green Homeowners Will Like the Recycling Program from DaVinci Roofs


Ever wonder what happens to the unused scraps after your roofing project is complete? Or where do the mounds of shingles that were replaced end up? Most would say they go to the landfill and, for the most part, they would be right. In fact, 11 million tons of recyclable asphalt shingles end up in American landfills each and every year. Contractors simply are not aware of their options or don’t have the resources to properly recycle their leftover materials. DaVinci Roofs is working to change that.

When you have Custom Installations install a DaVinci roofing product onto our home, you can be rest assured that each and every DaVinci tile is 100% recyclable. From scraps and end cuts to unused tiles from the jobsite, every one of their products can be repurposed into starter tiles. Their synthetic roofing tiles don’t just claim to be “recyclable”. They are the green alternative for homeowners who want to make the eco-friendly choice in their building materials.

Though for DaVinci Roofs offering a recyclable roofing product is simply not enough. They saw a need to address the way in which contractors handle their unused and leftover materials. The company wanted to provide a safe and responsible way for professionals to return their DaVinci products for recycling. It was a simple concept: make the process easy and more will participate. To this end, DaVinci Roofs introduced a new job site recycling program.

With this new recycling program, DaVinci Roofs pays to ship all unused and waste DaVinci Slate, Shake and Fancy Shake ™ roofing tiles located within 500 miles of their headquarters to their company’s City manufacturing facility. The tiles can then be safely recycled in their start of the art facility. This 500 mile radius includes the Chicago area. They will also pay to ship tiles that are being replaced. Those that have reached their life expectancy of 50 years can be sent back to the company free of charge within that same 500 mile radius.

When homeowners choose DaVinci roofing products for their remodeling project, they can feel good knowing they are making the green choice in their building materials. Not only do the leftover remnants of the job have a place to be safely recycled, but also their new tiles will too when they need replacement 50 years down the road.

At Custom Installations, we value the type of environmental footprint that the products we use make. That’s why we are proud to offer our clients the DaVinci Roofs product line. We fully participate in their recycling program helping to reduce the global impact the roofing industry has on our environment. To learn more about the DaVinci Roofs recycling programcontact us today or visit their website here.

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