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Holiday Decorating Tips for your Home’s Exterior


It’s a time-honored tradition many homeowners look forward to all year long – decorating their home for the holidays. With this festive season right around the corner you, too, may be itching to string the lights, hang the boughs and enjoy the magic of the holidays. Before you begin unpacking the tinsel take time to refresh your memory on how to ensure your exterior decorations are not only beautiful but also safe and secure.

Below are tips on how to ensure your installation is not only festive and fun but also home-friendly.

  • Gutter hangers can be a smart choice for securing lights to the home without causing damage to the gutters. Siding hooks can also be used for stringing lights. These clips slip into the courses of the siding and are a smart alternative to nailing or stapling into vinyl surfaces.
  • Use only lights rated for outdoor use.
  • Take special care when mounting decorations to the roof. Some holiday décor companies sell roof mounting kits specifically designed for this type of application.
    Plug outdoor electrical lights into circuits protected by ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These interrupters protect against electric shock.
  • When taking down lights, don’t tug or pull them off. Carefully remove them to reduce undue stress on the light’s connections as well as the home’s exterior.

For more helpful tips and information on how to best maintain your home’s exterior, visit Custom Installation’s blog. Located on our website, this space is dedicated to keeping our valued customers informed on the services we provide along with practical tips on caring for their home. Visit back often to see what’s going on at North Shore area’s leading exterior contractor – Custom Installations.

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