Part 1: Roof Replacement

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Home Improvement for Beginners: Top 3 Areas to Focus On – Part 1: Roof Replacement


When it comes to your home’s overall protection, nothing works harder at keeping you and your property safe from the elements than your roofing system. The roof is composed of a series of materials working together as a single unit, providing the layer of protection you need against intense rains, heat and snow. When you’ve just purchased a new home, you’ll want to make sure its roofing system is strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions. If you’re seeing holes and missing shingles, it’s a sign you need to replace the current roof with a new and more advanced system.

As one of the top roofing companies in the region, Customs Installations, Inc. understands that any roofing project, even if it’s just a simple repair, can be stressful. Here are some tips to make sure your roofing upgrade is completed properly and within budget:

  • Take the season and weather into consideration. If you’re planning to get a new roof during the height of winter, you need to understand that this will be a longer, and probably costlier, process than if done at another time of year. Inclement weather causes delays and deadline extensions, and snow-clearing and other weather-related maintenance is likely to add to the total work hours. For the best results, we recommend tackling roofing projects like roof replacement during summer or spring when the weather is much friendlier.
  • Familiarize yourself with the costs and materials. If you have an idea on potential costs and material options even before consulting a contractor, you can better make decisions that factor in your needs and budget.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask. Installing a new roof involves a series of processes, including tearing off old shingles, picking up nails, disposing of trash, creating facilities for workers and more. Before starting your project, you’ll want to know what your contractor has planned–they should leave your property in the same condition or better, while maintaining your privacy during the course of the project.

Hiring a Reputable Contractor

When dealing with a project as big as a roof replacement, you will need the skills, equipment and experience of a professional roofer. DIY roof installation can lead to additional repair costs, which are best avoided by hiring an expert from the start. When looking for a contractor, be sure to review their credentials, such as their license, insurance and certifications. Ask for references–and take the time to check on the work that they’ve done–so you can better gauge their quality first-hand.


Aside from roofing projects, siding replacement is another priority project worth considering. In the second part of this blog series, learn everything you need to know about this type of exterior renovation.

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