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Is Steel Siding a Good Option for Your Home?



Many homeowners are unsure about the different options to choose from when deciding on which siding is right for their home.  When we think of siding, many typically think of aluminum or vinyl as the only options to choose from.  However, there are more siding material options now than ever before including steel siding. Many homeowners would be surprised to learn that steel siding can provide many benefits including: durability, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and flexible installation time.  Read on to learn more about steel siding.

1. Steel siding is very durable and does not fade over time like vinyl siding.  Because of this you have more color options to choose from including darker colors creating a more unique look to the home.


2. Steel is great for the environment.  Because steel siding is cut to the exact dimensions needed to side the home, it eliminates waste and keeps the steel out of our landfills.


3. It is energy efficient and saves the homeowner in energy costs.  Steel siding is often coated with a cool paint technology that reflects radiant heat.  This technology keeps the home cooler in the summer while helping you keep your energy consumption in check.


4. Steel siding has a flexible installation time and can be installed anytime of the year.  The steel can be formed to the home in the summer and will not crack during installation in the winter.

Still unsure if steel siding is right for your home?  Contact our expert team at Custom Installations to help with your decision.  We can discuss with you the different siding options available.   As one of Chicagos leading contractors, we enjoy helping our customers create home exteriors they can be proud of for years to come.


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