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Why Lake Forest Property Owners Need to Know About Building Codes


Are you thinking about starting an exterior renovation on your Lake Forest home? If so, you need to first take time to learn about how local building codes can affect what your project looks like. As one of Lake Forest’s leading professional contractors, Custom Installations has seen many homeowners make the mistake of completing work without checking the local codes first. They are then left having to re-do the project as they learn an expensive lesson – knowing your local building codes is important!

Why do cities have building codes? Put quite simply, building codes are an effective way to manage the look and feel of a community while ensuring good practices are used during the renovation and remodeling process. Codes create a baseline that both contractors and homeowners alike need to adhere to. As of 2016, Lake Forest has many codes in place including these residential design guidelines.

These guidelines provide a plan for the city so its rich architectural history can be preserved as the city continues to grow.

Building codes can affect a number of exterior projects offering guidance on everything from entryways to fences and driveways. If you have a historical property, they provide examples on how best to preserve the natural character of the home while taking advantage of new building practices and advancement in material choices.

How do you ensure your next project meets Lake Forest building code guidelines? Partner with a professional team experienced at working in the area and on homes of every age. Custom Installations prides ourselves on being the local expert for historical renovations in the Lake Forest area. We work closely with both the homeowner and the city to ensure each project not only serves our client’s vision but also adheres to local laws and guidelines. We are the reliable experts homeowners trust to ensure their project meets local Lake Forest building codes.

Take the stress out of your next exterior remodeling project by hiring the right team for the job – Custom Installations. We ensure every job we complete meets the local codes for the city we are working in including the Lake Forest area. Each job we complete is an example of our commitment to excellence.

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