Emerging Property Management Technologies All HOA's Should Use

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New Emerging Property Management Technologies All HOA’s Should Be Using


Like any industry, property management is constantly changing and growing. And just like emerging technologies can help other businesses, it can also help homeowner’s associations too. There are many new technological tools which can aid the world of property management.

Here are a few of the newest advances in property management technologies that all HOA’s should be using:

Smartphone Applications
These days everyone has a smartphone. We now rely on our handheld devices to help us do everything from depositing money into our bank to checking our Facebook page. They are even able to unlock doors. Today’s homeowners want their smartphones to be their “key” to gaining access to multiple areas throughout a sprawling multi-family community. Using phones will also ease the task of changing access and make the process of moving in and out much easier.

Energy Management Platforms
Seeking out new ways to control energy costs is nothing new. Since the beginning of HOA’s, property managers have searched for better ways to not only analyze their energy consumption but also to more fairly bill each unit for their actual energy usage.Energy management platforms are now emerging allowing HOA’s to do just that.

CCTV Monitoring
Video surveillance has long been a hot topic for multi-family complexes. Some have seen them as a necessary security measure while others feel that they are an invasion of privacy. As the world continues to become an image-driven society, CCTV has become a more accepted practice. In fact, many residents now see video as a benefit providing a safe way to monitor common areas, entrance points and parking lots.

Every HOA should look into how they can embrace emerging property management technologies using them to better manage their property. These advances can be valuable tools in better managing resources, maintaining a safe complex and providing greater service to residents.

For more information on how you can better maintain a safe and beautiful property, visit Custom Installations blog regularly. We not only provide exterior installation and remodeling services but also keep our clients informed on the news that matters most to them. For more helpful information, visit our online Learning Center.

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