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When searching for ways to update the home, many turn to standard kitchen and bathroom renovations. While these renovations can produce some stellar results, they do little for the propertys curb appeal. If you are a looking to create a great first impression, consider a siding renovation.  You will be surprised to find that todays siding industry offers more than just beige and taupe.  In fact, many homeowners are now finding creative ways to add their personal touch to the homes exterior.

Here are three tips to help you complete a stunning siding renovation:


1. Compliment the home & neighborhood  The best siding renovation designs will take into consideration the homes architectural design and the neighborhoods overall look.  You want the siding to compliment the essence of your existing structure while also fitting well into the surrounding area.  Sticking out like a sore thumb, homes that dont follow these simple rules will always seem out of place.

2. Create a color pallette  Selecting the right color palette for your homes exterior will not only result in a cohesive look but also allow you to add depth with varying hues.  During the selection process, choose three complimenting colors for your home one for the siding, another for the trim, and an accent color for the doors, shutters, and decorative trim.  If your home has stone or brick partials, use only two colors in your palette.

3. Add texture Incorporating differing textures can not only add depth to the homes exterior but also give it a more custom feel.  Some great ways to incorporate texture into the design is by adding stucco, mixing in cedar shakes, or including brick accents.

At Custom Installations, we can help with all of your siding needs.  Whether you are looking to replace a few worn pieces or change the look of your home with a complete renovation, partnering with our team of expert contractors will ensure the work is done right and on time.  

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