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Taking the Stress Out of New Home Siding


Choosing a siding color for the home can be a stressful process.  There are so many options to select from that the possibilities seem endless.  You want something you can be happy with for the long-term while also making a big impact on the look and feel of the homes exterior.  While the process of selecting the perfect hue may seem overwhelming at first, it can also be an enjoyable, rewarding experience if you approach it the right way.  Here are some factors to consider when choosing your homes siding color:


Consider your existing neighborhood.  Is it a blend of neutral tones?  What colors would best compliment the homes nearby? Dont stick out like a sore thumb.  Make sure your home works with the neighborhood not against it.

Factor in the color of the roof.  While you dont want to make your homes siding the same color as the roof, you do want them to work well together.  With the typical roof lasting upwards of 20 to 30 years, it is an investment not often replaced so make sure to consider its impact on your siding choices.

Use your homes size as a guide.  Mid to large-size homes often work best when painted more neutral tones.  Darker or bolder colors can make the home feel overbearing and out of place.  Smaller homes have a wider selection of hues that would work and can actually help it stand out from its surroundings.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color
Before committing to a color, follow these tips to make sure its the right hue.


Do a test run.  If possible, apply a few swatches on the home and look at them during different times of the day morning, afternoon, and evening.

When in doubt, go neutral.  Siding replacement is a large investment and you want it to last.  Neutrals offer the most long-term appeal while also making the home easier to sell in the future.

Ask a professional for help.  Contractors such as Custom Installations have helped countless homeowners with their siding needs. Take advantage of their experience and knowledge by asking for their opinion.  They offer a unique insight which only a professional can.

Custom Installations is an expert in siding installations, renovations, and repairs.  We help our clients in every step of the selection process from choosing the right siding material to picking the perfect color. Let us help you with your unique siding needs.  We offer quality installation and nearly 50 years of proven experience.


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