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The Best Exterior Accents for Historic Victorian Homes


The Victorian-era home is one of the most loved architectural styles especially for those that appreciate their rich historic value.  Spanning from the mid to late 19th century, this era enjoyed the revival of decorative, ornate designs and beauty beyond measure.  These homes elaborate exterior features often lend the opportunity for adding accessories and details that can further add to their exquisite character.

Here are some of the best exterior accents for your Victorian-era home:

1. Finials One of the best accessories to add to your Victorian design is a beautiful finial.  These decorative ornaments can be included using cupolas, atop a flagpole, or accenting the homes peaks.

2. Weathervanes While the history of weathervanes dates back to Athens in 48 B.C., they reached their true opulence and splendor in the 1800s.  Todays elaborate weathervanes are reminiscent of that time and add a vintage touch to the home.

3. Anything Copper or Brass Copper and brass are both popular choices among those looking to update their historic home.  Copper can easily be tied into the gutter system or even a chimney cap.  If brass is more your style, consider including it in your hardware.

4. Elaborate Hardware During the time that many Victorian-era homes were built, the Industrial Revolution was sweeping across America leading to the expansion of new hardware techniques.  For this reason, many of these homes featured ornate doorknobs, hinges, and other accessories.  You can re-create the same look using antique finds or adding some of the quality reproduction pieces available.

When enhancing the beauty of your homes exterior trust the job to a skilled contractor with expertise working on Victorian-era homes.  Custom Installations has decades of experience renovating many of the areas historic properties.  We also offer a large selection of accessories to complement any architectural style or we can install some of your own favorite accents.

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