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The Importance of Roof Ventilation in Winter


Are you experiencing a leaky, bothersome roof?  Leaky roofs are a common problem especially during the winter months when hot and cool air mixes creating condensation issues.  While many are under the impression only older roofs can experience leak problems even newer ones can be troublesome.  These leaks often occur because the roof itself is not ventilated properly and unable to move the moisture out of the space.  Few fail to realize that ventilation plays an important role in preventing drips, enhancing the durability of the roof, and keeping your family safe and dry.

Here are 3 common culprits of a leaky roof and how to prevent them:

Soffit Vents:
During the winter months the cold air from the outside and the warm air from the attic combine creating precipitation which builds on soffit vents.  This precipitation can then cause water to leak down into the home.  During the annual inspection of your home, check to make sure your soffit vents are properly installed.  If installation is not an issue, make sure they arent plugged blocking air from flowing freely through the roof and attic.

Air Leak by Hot Water Heater and Chimney Stack
Having an air leak from your hot water heater and chimney stack can lead to condensation buildup.  This causes water to drip and pool onto the roof soaking the shingles.  Ensure that all areas around the exhaust pipe and chimney stack are sealed properly to prevent this condensation from occurring.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans
Steam from a hot shower can gather in bathrooms causing water to sit on the ceiling and attic leading to rotting.  A simple exhaust fan in the bathroom will help take the warm moist air out of the house and away from the roof.

Proper roof ventilation leads to a longer-lasting, more durable roof and luckily there are simple things you can do to ensure this.  One of the best ways is to have the roof inspected as soon as leaks begin occurring.  Professionals like the expert team at Custom Installations can check your soffits, roofs and vents to ensure your home has the necessary ventilation.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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