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The Ins and Outs of Roofing Ventilation


Have you ever heard the phrase every roof needs to breathe?   This often refers to the ventilation beneath the roofing deck.  Roofing ventilation is important to the overall quality not only of the roof system but also of the home in general.  When installing a new roof, ventilation must be taken into consideration.  When necessary, attic baffles, roofing vents, and even soffit vents can be used to help promote proper ventilation.

Why Ventilation Matters

The purpose of ventilation is to control the temperature both in the attic and on the roof surface.   It not only helps create energy efficiency within the home, but can also help protect the roof itself.  There are a number of benefits to a proper ventilation system including:

In hot climates, it can help keep the roof cooler reducing attic heat buildup

In cold climates, it can control the roof and attic temperature preventing ice-damming and other problems caused by melting snow

Reduces the amount of condensation in the attic and roof area

Eliminating Condensation

When installing any type of ventilation system into the area, condensation is always a concern. Constant exposure to moisture can not only shorten the life a roof but also lead to roof rot and other problems. The best defense again condensation concerns is proper insulation.  This is typically done using spray foam.


Many shingle manufacturers require proper ventilation within their warranty guidelines.  While there are some that offer limited warranties for unvented roof assemblies, most have some ventilation stipulation.  Even if there is a current system in place, it is important for the homeowner and contractor to make sure it meets the current standard warranty requirements when the new roof is installed.

When hiring a professional roofer to work on your home, it is essential to partner with one who is knowledgeable in proper roof and attic ventilation.  As a leading exterior remodeling contractor, Custom Installations provides our customers professional roofing services while keeping the homes ventilation in mind.  We take time to consider each homes unique design offering solutions to protect your investment.

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