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3 Questions to Ask a Siding Company Before Hiring


One of the first steps in beginning any type of exterior project is finding the right contractor for the job. When interviewing potential companies to replace your siding it’s important to find out the details before signing the paperwork. This will ensure that you and the siding company are on the same page and ready to work together as a team to get the job done. Here a few great questions you should ask any potential siding company:

  • Are you locally based?
    Flight-by-the-night contractors will often descend upon a community offering inexpensive quotes and promising speedy results. This is especially true for areas recently hit by damaging storms or wind. While all may seem well at first, homeowners soon realize what’s left is shoddy work and inferior materials. A locally-based siding company will be there should you need repairs or run into other problems with your new siding. Travelling contractors will already be on to the next town.
  • How long have you been in business?
    While the length in which a company has been in business isn’t a guaranteed indicator of experience or professionalism, it can reduce the likelihood you will be left high and dry with poor quality work. Contractors who have been in business 40 or 50 years, such as Custom Installations, are often your best bet when it comes to a siding contractor for your home.
  • Are you licensed to work in the state?
    Each state has their own licensing process. You should verify that any contractor working on your home is licensed to do so in the state in which you live. They should be able to provide a license number for you to verify their qualification.

Finding the right siding company to fit your individual needs shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming. First start by narrowing down to those with a proven record of professionalism and expertise in your area. For those in Chicago, that right contracting team is Custom Installations. Every day our team works with homeowners wanting only the best for their home remodeling projects. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and promise to always offer the superior craftsmanship you are looking for in a siding contracting partner.

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