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3 Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Siding


You rarely see the words vinyl siding and maintenance in the same sentence.   In fact, one of the reasons why homeowners keep turning to this popular siding choice is because it requires minimal upkeep.  But, since it is an exterior product, vinyl siding is still prone to grim buildup, staining, discoloration, and damage from the elements.  A basic maintenance routine completed by either yourself or a certified professional will help your siding maintain an attractive appearance all year long.


To keep your vinyl siding in great shape, follow these 3 tips for basic vinyl maintenance.

1. Replace bent and damaged pieces Damaged vinyl siding should be replaced by a licensed contractor when necessary.  Not only is cracked and bent vinyl an eye sore for your homes exterior, it can also lead to larger issues.  Fortunately, vinyl siding is fairly easy to swap out but should be completed when the problem is first noticed.  Nailing in loosened pieces as you find them can also reduce the need for replacement in the future.

2. Power wash seasonally Power washing the homes exterior is a great way to quickly remove the grim and buildup that has accumulated over the past year.  This process not only removes the dirt but can also eliminate spiders and other insects that have made your house their home.  The best time to power wash vinyl siding is before or after the summer months and should be completed annually.

3. Spot clean regularly Spot cleaning can help keep your siding in beautiful condition without having to pull out the heavy power washer every time you want to tidy up.   While this step is fairly easily to complete, homeowners should pay close attention to the cleaners they use.  There are some harsh materials that could damage the surface of the siding.  A simple water and vinegar solution works well and is also safe to use throughout the area.  It is also highly effective at removing mold and mildew.  Avoid using undiluted chlorine bleach, cleaners containing organic solvents, furniture or nail polish, and liquid grease removers.

One of the best ways to achieve and maintain a beautiful exterior using vinyl siding is with proper installation by a certified professional.  The team at Custom Installations offers a full line of exterior services including siding installation and repairs.   Whether you are looking for a durable vinyl finish or rustic cedar siding, we work with all of the popular materials homeowners are looking for.

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