CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System: A Comprehensive Approach to Quality Roofing

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CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System: A Comprehensive Approach to Quality Roofing


When it comes to the roofing products you choose, what is underneath the surface is just as important as what’s on top. CertainTeed is one of the most trusted brands in the roofing industry providing unmatched quality and superior durability.

Along with their quality shingles, CertainTeed offers one of the most comprehensive and long-lasting roofing systems available on the market – the Integrity Roofing System. When using the complete line of CertainTeed roofing products, you are assured to enjoy a roof that is built to withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store.

How the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System Works

When it comes to the Integrity Roofing System, each component plays an integral role in offering superior protection. The system includes:

  1. Waterproof Underlayment – Rain and ice dams can lead to leaks within the building. This waterproof underlayment prevents these devastating leaks.
  2. Water-resistant Underlayment – This water-resistant underlayment offers a high-performing layer of protection over the roof deck. Acting as a secondary barrier, it offers another line of defense against leaks.
  3. Starter Shingles – Starter shingles provide much-needed support to the roof shingles above. They are designed to start your CertainTeed roofing project off right.
  4. Roofing Shingles – The heart of the system, CertainTeed’s roofing shingles are covered by the most robust warranty in the industry.
  5. Roof Ventilation – Every good roof begins with adequate ventilation. When paired with CertainTeed’s Intake Vents, this roof ventilation is second to none.
  6. Hip & Ridge Caps – Create a lasting, attractive finish with the CertainTeed brand’s unique hip and ridge caps. They are sure to compliment any type CertainTeed shingle you choose.

*CertainTeed Flintlastic® line of roofing products are also available for flat roof installations.
By choosing an Integrity Roof System, you are also able to take advantage of the SureStart Plus Extended Warranty offered exclusively by CertainTeed. When you partner with a contractor who holds advanced credentials from CertainTeed, you can enjoy one of the most comprehensive and beneficial roofing warranties available.

A Trusted Chicagoland CertainTeed Roofing Company

Custom Installation is proud to be a certified contractor for CertainTeed brand shingles. We have held CertainTeed’s honored ShingleMaster credentials since 2015 for residential roofing services. You can learn more about our many distinguished awards and accreditations by visiting us here.

For all of your CertainTeed roofing installation needs, contact the expert team at Custom Installations. We can explain the benefits of the Integrity Roof System along with the steps we take to ensure our customers always receive the best in care when it comes to their roofing services and repairs.

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