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Why Going Green with Your Roof is a Great Idea


When choosing roofing products for the home, today’s homeowners want something that not only looks great but is also green. Many though think that green roofing products only add to cost and complexity to the project. That is simply not true!

Custom Installations is proud to be a certified installer of one of the greenest roofing products on the market today – DaVinci Roofscapes roofing tiles. As an innovative leader in environmentally-friendly building materials, DaVinci offers roofing products that not only look great, but also offer the sustainability and durability you want in your next remodeling project.

Sustainability Beyond Measure
While having a green roof is great, it can only be beneficial if that roof also offers excellent performance as well. DaVinci Roofscapes are proud to say they can provide both in their roofing products. From creation to end of life, their roofing tiles are both sustainable and durable. Each DaVinci tile is 100% recyclable and produced in their Lenexa, Kansas facility reducing transportation and energy costs. Virgin resins are used to create the tiles resulting in a sustainable product perfect for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

Smaller Environmental Footprint
When choosing DaVinci roofing tiles you are reducing the environmental footprint your building materials have on Mother Nature. Selecting a DaVinci roofing product over a wood shake saves trees that would have been necessary to produce the shingle. These are often young growth cedars not yet fully mature. DaVinci roofing products are also a better choice than natural slate. The quarrying process necessary to procure the slate is labor intensive and requires the use of large of amounts of fuel. Also the process of installing slate is very wasteful. Up to 15% of the product is destroyed during the installation process leading to further waste in our landfills. Lastly, DaVinci roofing products create less of an environmental impact than asphalt tiles. Asphalt tiles require large amounts of oil when produced compared to DaVinci’s Slate and Shake roofing materials.

Less Maintenance and Reduced Life Cycle Costs
One of the best reasons to go green with your roofing materials is that they offer reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Many roofing materials such as asphalt often require replacement within 15-20 years. This means that you are not only stuck with a huge remodeling bill, but the materials removed are then hauled off to an already overflowing landfill. Low lifecycle costs further enhance DaVinci roofs attractiveness to cost-conscious consumers.

At Custom Installations, we are proud to offer DaVinci Roofscapes products. We believe their roofing materials are some of the best out there and offer the durability and beauty our clients have come to expect and deserve. Their quality synthetic roofing materials not only protect your investment, but offer the green option many homeowners are looking for in their building materials. Contact our team today to learn more about our Davinci Roofscapes installation and maintenance program.

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