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How a Metal Roof Can Add Value to Your Home


Have you ever considered a metal roof for your Chicago home?  When most homeowners think of the words “metal roof”, they picture bright shiny aluminum sticking out like a sore thumb.  But there are so many more options when it comes to residential metal roofs!

Metal roofs are now available in dozens of colors so you can find one that compliments your unique home. Whether you want modern appeal or to enhance your historic home, metal can work for many different types of aesthetics.

But why should homeowners choose a metal roof?  There are many benefits to a metal roof beyond the ability to enhance the look of the home.  One BIG advantage to a metal roof is that it can last twice to three times as long as traditional asphalt roofs. Depending on the specific material you choose, a metal roof has a lifespan of 50+ years!

Another way a metal roof can add value to your home is that they are easy to install and maintain.  In fact, there is virtually NO maintenance needed.  Metal is also lightweight and comes in big sections making installation by an experienced professional take no time at all.

Metal roofs are also resistant to many troublesome problems such as insect infestation, mildew, water penetration, high winds and more.  It offers a strong line of defense against the outdoor elements providing greater protection for your home.  While other roofing materials can be prone to rot or damage during heavy storms, metal roofs stand strong against whatever Mother Nature has to offer.  And it is also fire resistant!

Lastly, metal roofs are great at increasing the energy efficiency in the home.  The metal effortlessly reflects the radiant heat from the sun away from the roof reducing midday heat gain.  This leads to a cooler home and less wear and tear on the air conditioning unit.

If you haven’t considered a metal roof in the past, now is the time to give it another look.  Not only can it be a great design choice, it can also offer many benefits that add real value to your Chicago home.

When it comes time to schedule your roofing project, there will be many roofing contractors to choose from.  Go with the best!  Custom Installations is proud to offer professional metal roofing installation to the Chicago area.  We provide exceptional craftsmanship and expert service to homeowners throughout the North Shore area.

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