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Why Preserving Your Home’s Original Character is Important


Every home has it. Something unique that makes it truly one of a kind. Whether it was built in the 1870s or 1970s, each home is a unique masterpiece in its own right. When the architect built it, they had a specific vision in mind carefully orchestrating how each detail added to the property’s overall look and feel.

Because of the care that went into planning the home, we, too, must take time preserving its character. Sometimes trying to make an old home into something it is not only leads to disappointment… and disappointing results. That’s why homeowners and contractors alike must be smart when it comes to remodeling or renovating a unique property.

At Custom Installations, we specialize in historical renovations. Here are some of our best tips on keeping the character in your home:

Find the Balance between Old and New – Making your home a comfortable and safe place to live in is important. When the furnace goes out or the roof starts to fall apart, by all means, replace them. Older homes can easily be updated using new technologies in building materials, standards and practices. The key is to find a replacement that will seamlessly tie into your existing home.

The Difference is the Details – Preserving your home’s character is best done by realizing the difference is truly in the details. Finding an expert professional team such as Custom Installations can be crucial to having a finished project that looks great from far away and close-up. We take time to ensure every last feature fits in with your historic home. From custom woodwork to sourcing original replacements, a good contractor will help preserve your home’s integrity by paying attention to every little detail.

Fit in with Your Neighborhood – One of the most important aspects of working on an older home’s exterior is making sure it still fits in with the neighborhood. A home that is done without its surroundings in mind can stick out like a sore thumb. This aspect of home remodeling is so important that many local building codes structure their guidelines around preserving the original integrity of the home… and the neighborhood.

When making updates to your older home, it is important to consider how your building choices affect the overall integrity of the original structure. Finding the balance between breathing new life into the property while also preserving its original character can be one of the best decisions you make. An experienced contractor can be a great partner in helping you accomplish both. For nearly fifty years, the team at Custom Installations has been assisting homeowners in Lake Forest and beyond on their historic renovations. Our team has the expertise to ensure your project is completed with your home’s character in mind.

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