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How Property Managers Can Get Involved with their Residents


Staying involved with your residents is one of the best things a property manager can do. Engaging with those which live in their complexes helps managers maintain a cleaner, more welcoming environment. It helps them gain insight into how the overall community is functioning, where it needs improvement and how the manager can better enhance its overall value.

Getting involved with residents also helps maintain safe and well-functioning buildings. When manager keep the lines of communication open, they are more likely to be aware of impending repair issues and problems. This leads a proactive approach to building maintenance – a skill which benefits both the property manager and their residents.
Here are some ways property managers can get involved with their residents:

» Let residents know you are always available to address immediate concerns they have within the property.

» Send residents a bi-annual survey which includes questions on the upkeep of the property and structures.

» Have an “open door” policy where residents can freely come to you with concerns.

» Consider creating a monthly newsletter sharing community news as well as helpful tips on how residents can better maintain their properties.

» Stay on-top of problems by scheduling visual inspections with your residents. Learn the basic signs to look for that may require a professional inspection by a certified contractor.

At Custom Installations, we believe community is everything. Through expert exterior installations and repairs, our team members help to enhance the beauty of the neighborhoods in which we live and work.

We not only provide quality exterior installations and repairs but also services to help you stay ahead of your exterior troubles – inspections. A roof or other exterior inspection can save you both time and money by catching small problems early. For your large residential community’s exterior needs choose the expert team at Custom Installations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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