Is your Roof Ready for High Winds? Six Reasons Why It Should Be

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Is your Roof Ready for High Winds? Six Reasons Why It Should Be


Along with falling leaves and snowy mornings, autumn and winter also bring with them high winds. Out of all the cities in the US, Chicago is known for its big gusts and strong breezes. Is your Chicago roof ready for these high winds?

Roofs not secure enough to handle the strong breezes can easily become damaged exposing the rest of the home to the outside elements. They also are more likely to need repairs or replacement sooner than properly maintained roofing systems.

Not sure if your roof is ready for the windy wrath? Here are six reasons why it should be:

1. Shingles (especially curled or cracked ones) can be lifted off the exterior exposing the layer underneath to the elements.

2. Even slightly loose roofing materials can easily be lifted by wind gusts.

3. The corners and perimeters of the roof are especially prone to high winds and often experience more damage than the interior areas. When these are insufficient the results can be devastating.

4. High winds can expose insulation allowing water to penetrate causing rotting and leaks.

5. Strong roofs are better able to defend the home from falling branches and flying debris.

6. A roof in good condition is less likely to need costly repairs from a minor wind storm.

Make sure your home is ready for whatever autumn and winter have in store. Get its roofing system inspected before the wind starts blowing and snow begins falling. For more information on what a quality roofing inspection includes, contact our team at Custom Installations.

Custom Installations offers quality roofing inspections and repairs along with complete roof replacements. Partnering with the best brands in the industry, we can offer the top quality products for your Chicago home. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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